Technical Engineering Office

Since the basic step for Planning and Performing in ach project is how to produce and provide technical documents, it is necessary to have a technical and engineering office to do and control all these activities.

Momtazan Office, in an expanse of about 200 meters, is working near its factories, controlling and testing all processes from beginning to end. Now right personnel are busy in the office, based on full time, but the numbers can increase if it is necessary.

Here, all personnel are engineering in Mechatronics and they are also familiar with AutoCAD – Solid Work – Tecla Structure, mapping and reading maps, engineering principals and manufacturing.

In the office all activities related to the preparation of technical documentation of projects are done as followings:

  1. Checking papers, documents and maps for each project and if something wrong, the employer Will be
  2. Providing 3d model of maps, in mechanical and structure collections, comparing them to the maps and controlling probable differences.
  3. Controlling maps; if there are some differences, the employer will be informed and the office should give comments on them.
  4. Estimating the amount of raw materials and standard components colors based on how important they are in a project.
  5. Preparing workshop maps, montage and installation.
  6. Preparing a list of different operations and defining their processes of components making them ready to start montage operations and giving them to planning unit to produce and control the project.
  7. Preparing sheets and cutters for cutting all sheets and profiles, etc., in order to optimize the use of raw materials and reducing the amount of Perth.
  8. Holding regular meetings with production and controlling unit. To check particular processes of production, if necessary.
  9. Holding weekly meetings of technical committee to consult with other units such as planning, production and control ones about the projects.
  10. Preparing supply list and coding each item.
  11. Preparing Packing list for components to download and forward.