Pistachio Industrial Machines


Development of Pistachio Processing Machinery in Iran:
For hundreds of years pistachios were peeled (hulled) by hand. The workers handling this job worked so fast and skillfully that it was difficult to see the procedure even at close observation. About 35 years ago a machine was developed by an industrialist from Kerman to peel the pistachios. For quite sometime, the machine was enough to handle hulling which was considered the main task and the rest was done by hand. There were many efforts and quite a number of technical specialists tried to find a general solution for a complete line for processing pistachios.

Among them, some 20 years ago, a company called Momtazan Industrial Company started manufacturing complete pistachio processing lines. This company developed 8 patented machines, these and other machines altogether form a continuous line. This company which started its activity in a small 20 square meter garage upon request of one of the enthusiastic pistachio growers today is manufacturing the processing machinery in a 60000 square meter plot of land and about 10000 square meter of factory space, employing some 400 people.

Momtazan has been developing manufacturing nut processing machinery for about two decades and has offered new ideas and inventions in agricultural machineries.

Air Flow Float Tank:
By air flow and vibration, this machine is enabled to: -Separate dust and tiny objects from pistachio -Separate small and undersize pistachios -Separate blank and half kernels of pistachio. -Separate stones and heavy solids in some models.

This machine is used to separate blank products and trash such as hull, leaves and bunches from the main product by air flow.

Bucket Elevator:
This machine is used to elevate products and can be produced in different lengths. Short bucket model is used to elevate pistachios with hull and bunches, long bucket model is used to elevate hull pistachios and the bucket elevator without bucket is used to discharge silos.

Floating Tank:
The main function of this machine is to remove the light products from the heavy ones with the help of water. The light product will float on top of water and will exit from the side of the machine with water stream, but the heavy and good product will be taken out from the bottom of the tank by a stainless steel chain conveyor.

Heat Exchanger:
This machine produces hot air, and is used in several processing machines such as Pre-Dryer, Dryer, and Roasting line. Heat exchanger works with natural gas or diesel. The heat produced by a burner heats the fresh air, which is carried out by a fan. The output temperature can be adjusted by a thermostat.

This machine is used for pre-drying the product which has been washed before .The water absorbed will be evaporated here. Because the time is short it will not dry the kernel. The most important point in this machine is that the product is continuously mixed and stirred, so we will have a very homogenous pre-dried product. The entire contact surface in this machine is made of stainless steel and Brass.

Hulling Machine (Rubber Type):
This machine is used for hulling the fresh product. The principle is that by rubbing the product between two rubber drums, with different speeds, the product’s hull will be removed. In the next stage of this machine the hull and small bunches are removed by a helical drum. This helical drum also pushes the product forward while removing the trash from it.

Size Separator (Screen):
This machine separates the product in several sizes from small to big and has three product outputs and one dust output. The machine is equipped with hole opening system. This machine is offered in different capacities.

tick Tight Separator:
This machine separates pistachios into two groups. One of them is good pistachios and the other is non – ripen pistachios which are also called stick tight pistachios.

Z Shape Separator:
This machine is used for elevating products. It’s outstanding feature is that it does not take a lot of space. Other conventional elevators take a lot space for elevating. With the help of hygienic buckets the product can be lifted upward as much as needed.

Picking Table:
While the products are passing through the line ,they can be checked by the workers who are sitting at the sides of the picking table .In this way the undesirable products can be detected and picked up by the workers.

Washing System:
After the product exits the hulling machine , will enter the washing system to be washed. While being washed, small bits of hull will be also removed from the product. This machine is designed to reduce the water consumption. For this purpose a helical drum is used, while the product is washed with some sprayers, it is pushed forward and stirred so the washing efficiency increases.

Split Separator (Model: Diameter 100):
This machine is used for separating open mouth pistachios from closed mouth pistachios. In this machine there are big rotating pipes on which some special needled belts are installed. While feeding the pipe, the open mouth pistachios are caught and carried up by the needles and then by a wiper, they will fall on a conveyor belt and exit the machine .Because the closed Pistachios can not be caught by the needles they will exit.