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MOMTAZAN Mineral Industry

Mineral Industry Projects

Our Industry

Our industry is based on inventive & new technologies. Momtazan expanded to mineral industrial field in 2004 and since then we have manufactured various equipment for numerous projects. By providing high quality products and following meticulous standards, we have been recognized as one of the most trusted companies in the field in Iran and also internationally.

Our Agricultural Industry

Pistachio Industry
In Agricultural Industries, Momtazan is known as a well-established and trusted company. The hard work of our committed and talented team has resulted in many inventions for processing pistachio nuts. We have pioneered the complete line of pistachio processing machines.

Technical Engineering Office

We are proud of our hard-working and intelligent engineers who are committed to design and execute various machines. Our engineers are provided with a spacious 200 meters area which is equipped with necessary hardware and software technologies, including AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS,and Tekla.


In the technical office all activities related to the received technical documentation of projects are done as followings:

1. Inspection of papers, documents and drawings of each project

2. Providing 3d model of the drawings of the parts of equipment,

3. Material taking off (MTO) of the part or equipment of the projects.

4. Preparing manufacturing, and assembling drawings of parts and equipment., this includes cutting sheets and profiles, etc.

5. Holding regular meetings with production managers, project control manger and technical committees for progression of projects.

6. Preparing supply list, coding items and the Packing List.

Department of Quality control

Quality control unit in Momtazan Industry Company consists of six highly qualified personnel who have acquired the international standard Certificates – SNT – TC – 1A.

International certificates:

The personnel of quality control unit passed different standard training such as: SNT – TC – 1A.
1. Welding Inspection Level I & II.
2. CWI (Certification of Welding Inspector)
3. Liquid Penetrant Testing.
4. Magnetic Particle Testing.
5. Ultrasonic Testing.
6. Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Welder Performance Qualification (PQR).
7. Inspection of Painting and Coating.
8. Visual Testing.

Testing and controlling equipment:

Testing and controlling of materials & equipment in each step is possible by means of some precise instruments which are calibrated periodically.
1. Different Kinds of accurate tools for controlling the internal and external surface of components.
2. Mapping cameras and their equipment.
3. Welding inspection gauges.
4. The instrument for measuring portable hardness.
5. Equipment and devices for non-destructive testing, including:

• Ultrasonic testing with different sensitivities probe.
• Magnetic particle testing.
• Liquid penetrant testing.
6.Instruments of sandblast, paint and coaling inspection including:
• Blasted surface roughness tester.
• Paint inspection gauges in a wet state.
• Paint thickness Gauge device in a dry state.
• Equipment for testing paint adhesion (cross Cut).
• Processes of controlling and testing components by quality control unit.
This processing is controlled as follows:
• Controlling raw materials by visual testing, and also comparing the size to standard tables. In addition, samples of raw materials are tested for their chemical and mechanical properties according to Steel Key.
• Controlling and measurement of raw material dimensions.
• Welding inspection prior, during and after completion.

Department of Planning and Controlling Project

Due to the critical role of planning in executing projects on time, MIC has established a department dedicated to this important task. As soon as a project is activated, a detailed plan for each stage of project is scheduled and its progress is monitored accordingly.

The Planning and Controlling Unit has the following responsibilities:
1. To determine the Work Break down Structure (WBS).
2. To assign a periodical comprehensive plan according to the project’s priorities.
3. To indicate the date of accomplishment of the project.
4. To make a suitable plan for allocating the right projects to the right personnel, and assign proper machineries and equipment. Recyclable sources are taken into account.
5. To schedule procurement of materials, machinery and necessary equipment to manage the cost of the projects.
6. To record and analyze the results to see if any changes are necessary or for future projects.
7. To report the progress of the project to clients.